Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Couch has a rich heritage dating back to its origin in 1908.  In 2020 Couch became a part of the Green Rock Family of companies.  Geographically, Couch was a perfect fit with its operations strategically located in central and south Alabama and the panhandle of Florida.  Its operations complemented Green Rock's other core businesses.  Like Green Rock, Couch is a capable company with strong roots in the local community.  Couch has a long legacy and a prosperous past largely due to strong customer relationships and experienced people with close ties to the communities in which Couch serves.

Green Rock's mission is maintaining a strong set of values which will always be the core of the business.

Our Mission

WE SEEK to uphold sustainable development strategies

WE STRIVE to create value by upholding our commitments to our stakeholders, team members, and our communities

WE PLEDGE to work with the communities in which we operate in order to create a mutually beneficial partnership